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National Doctors' Day 2021: Remembering Doctors Who Sacrificed Their Life While Saving Others

While treating corona patients, several frontline workers too contracted the virus and many succumbed to it. Our doctors and nurses, however, still continue to be on duty to treat this deadly virus. As, per the Indian Medical Association (IMA) by June as many as 776 medical professionals died in the second wave of COVID.

As per the IMA COVID register - state-wise list of doctors who died due to the second Covid-19 wave, Bihar had the most deaths with 115, followed by Delhi with 109, Uttar Pradesh with 79, West Bengal with 62, Rajasthan with 44, Jharkhand with 39, and Andhra Pradesh with 40.

In the southern states, Karnataka had 9 doctor fatalities, Kerala had 24, and Tamil Nadu had 50. In Odisha, 34 medical professionals were killed, whereas, in Maharashtra, 23 doctors were killed.

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