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NEET Qualified Perform Worse in MBBS Than Students Enrolled Based on 12th Marks: TN Panel

tudents who have been enrolled in MBBS courses via NEET have performed poorly than those enrolled based on class 12 marks, found a committee set up by the Tamil Nadu government to analyse the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

Dr Jawahar Nesan, a member of Justice AK Rajan committee formed by the government of Tamil Nadu to study the socio-economic impact of NEET speaks exclusively to News18 Tamil Nadu. He is an educationist, former Vice-Chancellor of JSS Science and Technology University Mysore.

Dr Nesan reveals that the committee has analysed the performance of students during the MBBS course pre-NEET and post NEET and found that the performance of MBBS students who cleared NEET is poorer than students who got admitted in the course based on class 12 marks.

“In the first year of the course, there is no difference between those who got admitted based plus two marks and those based on NEET. However, from the second year, students who got admitted based on NEET marks perform poorer than those who entered before 2017 based on their plus two marks" stated Dr Nesan.

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