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Tamil Nadu Government to offer Free Education to children orphaned due to Covid-19

Tamil Nadu government has announced providing free education and financial assistance to orphaned children due to covid-19. The Tamilnadu State will provide Rs 5 lakh financial assistance and education to children till their graduation. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has announced that children or fund or those who lost either of their parents to coronavirus will be provided with rupees 5 lacs for the state government to bear all expenses to watch their education till graduation.

According to official reports," Special Task Force under district collector has already been set up to identify the children whose parents succumbed to the disease and provide them the much-needed assistance, to protect such helpless."

Tamilnadu Government took this decision after the Chief Minister consultation with senior officials at the secretariat on Saturday, May 29. The chief minister has directed the government officials to provide relief and support. Children who are left without any support would get rupees 5 lakh each in deposit in the beneficiary's account.

Also, along with the amount free education will be provided to students Till the age of 18. The government will prioritize accommodation in government homes and hostels for those children who have lost their parents. A monthly allowance of rupees 3000 will be provided towards the care of children growing up with the support of relatives on guardians till they reach 18 years of age.

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"Guidance panel which is headed by the additional chief secretary of the finance department and other officials will be formed to formulate guidelines to provide the above relief to each child," official release by government added.

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